My research addresses problems in economic warfare, political economy and business history. In addition to the economics of warfare, I also examine business strategy, finance and trade during war.

I previously held a private grant through the Oxford University's History Faculty to finish my work reconstructing balance of payments during the Second World War.

I am currently preparing the eight papers from my PhD thesis for journal submission and also working on a number of projects which build on this research. I have also recently started two new projects: one examining Spanish Agriculture from 1939 to 1953 and another looking at the social savings from low cost air carriers in the United States. A list of research positions and awards can be found below.



“Swedish Business in the First World War: A Case Study of Ball Bearings Manufacturer SKF”
in Andrew Smith, Kevin Tennant and Simon Mollan (eds.),
The Impact of the First World War on International Business (Routledge, 2016).
Co-authored with Jason Lennard (Lund).

“Neutrals at War”
in Jari Eloranta, Eric Golson, Andrei Markevich, and Niko Wolf (eds.),
Economic History of Warfare and State Formation (Springer, June 2016).

“Swedish Trade in the Second World War”
in Jonas Scherner and Eugene N. White (eds.),
Paying for Hitler’s War: the Consequences of Nazi Economic Hegemony
for Europe.
(Cambridge University Press, 2016)

“Swiss Trade with the Allied and Axis Powers during the
Second World War”
Jahrbuch Für Wirtschaftsgeschichte. 2014:2
(November 2014), p.71-97.

“Swiss High Skilled Labour for Germany during the Second World War”
Schweizerische Zeitschrift fuer Geschichte, 64:1 (March 2014), p. 16-44

“Spanish Civilian Labour for Germany?”
Revista de Historia Económica: Journal of Iberian and
Latin American Economic History
, 31:01 (March 2013), p.145‐170
DOI: 10.1017/S0212610913000050

“Did Swedish Ball Bearings keep the Second World War going’?
Re-evaluating Neutral Sweden’s role”
Scandinavian Economic History Review, 60:02 (June 2012), p.165-182.

Research Projects in Progress

“What was in the Impact of World War I on Swedish Economic
Performance: A case study of Ball Bearings Manufacturer SKF”.

“The Allied Neutral: Portugal, Salazar’s Empire and the Balance of
Payments with the UK, 1939-1945”.

“German and British Balance of Payments with European
Neutrals in the Second World War”

“Neutral Central Bank Financing in the Great War: How do Neutral Bond
Markets React to the First World War Financial and Political Events”

“Winning Neutrals through Starvation? Belligerent Energy Policies
towards Spain, Sweden and Switzerland during the Second World War”

“The Allied Neutral: Portugal, Salazar’s Empire and
the Balance of Payments with the UK, 1939‐1945”.

“The Social Savings of Low Cost Airlines in the United States”

“Keeping Business Rolling: Organisational Changes
in the International Ball Bearings Industry during the Second World War”

“Making Money Insuring War? War Risk Insurance in British, American
and Swedish Merchant Marine Shipping Operations”